Dawa Program: Provides information on Islam

To cater to the needs of people from other religions and beliefs, IEC has done extensive work to setup a Da’wa program. The main objective of this program is not to convert people to Islam, but to open the doors to the general public to accommodate anyone who has interest in learning about the religion of Islam. The goal is to inform and educate people and provide information about Islam on varying levels of inquiry, from the casual passer-by to a believing and practicing Muslim who wishes to extend his knowledge and level of piety. Extensive literature is available, starting from the introductory level which introduces Islam as a religion to a non-muslim to the intermediate and more advanced topics such as Fiqh and Islamic teachings and principles. Additional activities include providing free copies of the Holy Quran.

If you have any questions on Islam or need Islamic information please contact the Director of Public Relations at pr@iec-houston.org.