Burial Services

Islamic Education Center of Houston provides funeral and burial services for all Shia Muslims living in Greater Houston.  We understand this is a difficult time and strive to provide a dignified service to give your family peace and comfort at this time of loss. All services are tailored to follow proper shia islam practices and guidelines. We pray for God’s mercy to be with the departed and hope that they may find peace and happiness in the hereafter. Ameen

Following are three steps to Funeral Process

  1. Acquiring Grave Space

    • Jafaria Cemetery (IPF), Southwest (Rosharon)
      • Br. Syed Emad (832-863-6283)

    • Forest Park (IEC) West Houston
      • Br. Nisar (832-682-9049) – Primary Contact
      • Br. Safdar Abbas (857-204-0296)

      • Br Mosa Raza Dhanji (281-813-9487)
    • Forest Lawn (ISGH) Southeast (Hobby Airport) 
      • Dr. Iqbal (832-499-1880)

    • Paradise Cemetery, Northwest (610/290)
      • Mainline (281-445-1201)

  2. Transportation of dead body to Funeral Wash facility

    After death either at home or hospital body is transferred to Funeral Home for ceremonial washing and kept till the time of burial. Preferred service providers are

    • ISGH Funeral Services
      • Dr. lqbal (832-499-1880)

    • IPF, Hernandez Funeral Services
      • Mr. Hernandez (281-507-3858)

  3. Acquiring Grave Opening and closing services from Graveyards

    • Forest Park: mainline
      • (281-497-2330)
    • Jafaria Cemetery:
      • contact Br. Emad (832-863-6283)
    • Paradise Cemetery:
      • mainline (281-507-3858)


  • Note: Most of the graveyards have regular business hours of 8am-5pm
  • For Kafan/Washing Coordination please contact following

  • Brothers Crew
    • Askari Naqvi (832-274-0052)
    • Hasnain Zaidi (281-684-2894)
    • Mohammad Bhayani (832-755-8412)
  • Sister’s crew
    • Nuzhat Dhanji (281-813-0445),
    • Farida Ebrahim (713-240-4400)
  • Overseas Burials
    • They require special permission from State Regulators and embassies of respective countries.Please contact
    • Dr lqbal (832-499-1880)


For any questions please contact IEC secretary