Welcome to Heavenly Match!

The IEC works in collaboration with the Heavenly Match program of Muslim Congress. We believe strongly in the importance of educating, training and supporting young adults in seeking suitable spouses with the aim of creating a match based on the lofty ideals of Islam as taught by the Ahlul-Bayt (as).

Towards that end, we conduct education seminars for young adults, parents and the community at large. These sessions address topics related to importance of marriage, spouse selection, role of parents, overcoming obstacles towards marriage, preparing for marriage and other pertinent subtopics such as financial aspects etc.

Our team of volunteers are respected community members who understand the need for such a service and who work with strict confidentiality.

Here is the current make up of the team:

Sr. Nasreen Rashid

Sr. Ameen Akhtar

Sr. Maheen Mirza

Sr Tahereh Totonchian

Sr. Sabrina Zaidi

Sr. Nishat Mirza

Sr. Masooma Syed

Sr. Madiha Mirza

To get in touch with us please leave a voicemail at our number and we will get back to you within 24 hours insha-Allah: 832-303-0165